My Top 3 Animated Films

1. The Croods (2013)

The Croods is an animated film about a prehistoric family who is basically living in a cave and is forced to leave their home after it was destroyed by a tremendous disaster. It has then led into a big change in their lives forever. As a protective kind of father that he is, Grug led his family out of harm’s way and embarked on a journey of a lifetime. During their travels, they met a person named Guy. He has stuff they’ve never seen before. Shoes, clothes, even fire. He shared his idea to the family but it seems that only Eep (Grug’s teenage daughter) is the one who was eager to learn. Grug was not being open and remained firm to his belief that they all shall live in their old ways. But at the end, he realized that staying in the same old place is no longer safe and he must find a new home for his family. 

What made this movie good is its touching story, plus the jaw dropping animation, great effects, characters, and sound effects! From its OBB upto CBB, one could really say that this is the best! The Croods definitely made our hearts cry with its family oriented theme. They made us realize how important it is to value, cherish, and protect our families. 


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2. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Similar to the Avengers, Rise of the Guardians is a superhero based movie, but with a child’s touch. Our childhood icons, Santa Claus, The Toothfairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman, and Jack Frost are this movie’s superheroes, while Pitch Black is the villain. In the movie, Pitch Black destroys every children’s dreams by bringing them dreams of darkness, total black, evil, wild horses and stallions or nightmares. In the end, the guardians were able to defeat evil. 


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3d animation, characters, settings, story, CHECK. What made this movie so great is its simple yet captivating plot. It brings out the good vibes in each of us. Who would’ve thought that Santa could fight like that? Or the easter bunny wasn’t a cuddly, adorable bunny at all? It definitely puts us all in a childlike, innocent, and happy mood. It’s like a throwback movie that brings us back to our childhood. (90s kid here!). Of course, the film taught us the value of love, faith, and hope. Love for everyone. Hope for good. And faith to believe that good will always win. 


                                               THE GUARDIANS

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3. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

The movie is about an arcade game villian who became tired of his role as a villian. He is tired of being overshadowed by the game’s hero, Fix-It-Felix..Wanting to own a gold medal, Ralph left his game and went turbo. He met a soldier from Heroes of Duty while taking a drink in Tapper. Thinking that it was easy to get a medal, he disguised himself as one of the soldiers. After a round, he left the game and accidentally crashed in Sugar Rush, a kart racing game wherein he met Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitch character. But before he landed to that game, Ralph unleashed a deadly enemy in Heroes of Duty that threatened Sugar Rush. In the end, Ralph, with the help of Felix and Calhoun (from Heroes of Duty) saves Sugar Rush and helped Vanellope bring back her memory.

For me, Wreck-It Ralph was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Well-done production, from music to animation performances. It brings us back to our childhood too! The story is perfect! Not confusing, not predictable. I love it! Also, it gives us a moral lesson in life, it taught us the value of acceptance and hope about life. It taught us not to judge other people, all of us are part of a much bigger story that we all have to experience. It taught us that sometimes we are the good guy, sometimes we are the bad guy and sometimes we are common people waiting for someone to lead us. Each time we step out of our programmed role and do acts of heroism then this entire game called life will be reprogrammed. At the end, we remember little more about who we all truly are, and the effect is felt all around us, and out of the wreck, new beginnings will be born.


                                     Vanellope and Ralph

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1. Production - production is basically the entire animation

2. Sequence - is the major episode

3. Shot - the type of camera angle that will be used per sequence/frame.

4. Frame - single recorded image

5. Script - the story itself

6. Storyboard - how the story will run, the flow of the story with details

7. Animatics -  the story reel


1. Director

2. Assistant director

3. Production manager

4. Camera and lighting crew

5. Art department 

6. Production staff

7. Sound editors

8. Video editors

9. Producer

10. Executive Producer

11. Location Manager

12. Scriptwriters

13. Graphic Artists

14. Costume Department

15. Composer

16. Foley Artists

17. Music Supervisor

18. Animators